Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Looking Through a Lens

I finally did it. I bought a new camera body that will fit the lenses I have for my other camera. The Nikon D90 will suit me just fine, it has some new gadgets that the D80 doesn't have and I think I absolutely need - like a larger LCD viewing screen. I recently bought a Nikkor f/3.5 - 6.3, 18 - 200mm for a walkabout lens and I want an f/2.8- 300mm lens to take to Africa with me. The 300mm lens weighs 6.4 lbs. and I imagine I'm not going to like carrying that around, it's not a zoom lens but to take pictures of wildlife, it's essential.

TCU has adult education classes and I signed up today for their photography class that starts in May so that I can truly learn all the secrets that the D90 holds. Wish me luck.

Hope that soon I'll have fantastic photos to post.


Priss said...

When you learn, will you teach me?!

I'm sooo envious about your newest lens. I'd give my right arm - okay, maybe left - for that lens!

nan16 said...

Sure I will. I learned a lot tonight at my first class. Next one is Thurs. and we have homework! Have to take lots of pictures of the same thing on different light settings and save them to a flash drive. What kind of camera do you have? This lens the 18 - 200mm is great for just about everything but it won't get far enough away to take any wildlife or birds. I've got to buy another lens and am still looking and contemplating the weight versus the cost!